...Send a taste of the Pine Tree State

Box Of Maine

Maine gift box
Nothing beats the tastes of Maine – wild blueberries, maple syrup, whoopie pies, Moxie. And this awesome Maine gift box has them all. It is the perfect gift to send to your favorite homesick [...]
...So you'll never be without a spork again.

Emergency Keychain Utensil

This mutli-tool of the mouth has edges to open bottles, cans, and to act as a spork. Perfect for enjoying all kinds of Maine cuisine at home, at camp, or even on a lobster [...]
...To help you clean a moose of a mess.

Moose Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder is perfect for cleaning up kitchen messes, garage messes, or just looking cool next to a cup of coffee in the morning. This relaxed moose will charge his way into [...]
...Season your food with Maine flair.

Moose Salt n’ Pepper Shakers

Perfect for seasoning your latest moose steak, or any other form of food that needs an extra kick. This quintessentially Maine salt and pepper shaker design will match any cabin counter or backyard grill, [...]
...Its cold enough to make a moose drink

Mischievous Maine Merlot Moose

With the long Maine winters, even the Moose need some help warming up! This counter buddy will keep your wine, or Moxie, safe and sound, though you may have to share.
...for when the grocery stores are empty

Vegetable Seed Survival Garden

survival seeds
Don’t find yourself eating Alpo when food gets scarce – be ready with your own vegetable garden! This handy pack of heirloom seeds will allow you to plant over an acre of renewable food [...]
...to crank out some fluffernutters

Marshmallow Fluff

Every kid deserves to experience a peanut butter and fluff sandwich (aka the fluffernutter). With this giant tub ‘o fluff you can make enough for every kid in your neighborhood.
...to drink from a puddle

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Life Straw
Never be caught without clean drinking water again! This portable miracle allows you to suck up to 1000 liters of bog water without wrecking your intestines.