...'Tis the season for seafood dinners.

Glass Lobster Ornament

If you’re looking for the perfect a gift in a pinch don’t get crabby,¬† just pick up this ornament instead!¬†This lobster ornament is perfect for the seafood lover in your life during the holidays.
...Remind yourself why you bought that wood stove.

Chopping Wood Porch Pillow

This wood scented pillow is the perfect addition to any screened-in porch, and will go well with the new pile of firewood in the front lawn. That still needs to be stacked before it [...]
...To help you clean a moose of a mess.

Moose Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder is perfect for cleaning up kitchen messes, garage messes, or just looking cool next to a cup of coffee in the morning. This relaxed moose will charge his way into [...]
...Give yourself a neighbor that's actually next door.

Old Man Tree Face

Give the outdoors a new friend with this Old Man Tree Face! Perfect for all kinds of trees or telephone poles, with the added benefit of giving back roads and front yards a bit [...]
...Season your food with Maine flair.

Moose Salt n’ Pepper Shakers

Perfect for seasoning your latest moose steak, or any other form of food that needs an extra kick. This quintessentially Maine salt and pepper shaker design will match any cabin counter or backyard grill, [...]
...End your hunt for living room decorations.

Maine Hunters Sign

If you’ve been on the trail of the perfect decorations for your man cave or garage, this sign is perfect to remind everyone the true purpose of Maine’s sprawling wilderness: hunting season. Set on [...]
...To help your home smell like your Home State.

Maine Homesick Candle

The Maine Homesick Candle is the perfect gift for Mainers that have migrated away for the winter season. With a mix of freshly cut wood and floral scents, this candle is sure to smell [...]
...You use antlers in all of your decorating.

Welcome Antler Sign

This Welcome Antler Sign is the perfect way to adorn the front door of your home, cabin, or even your barn. Plus it already matches the other antlers you have around your house. It’s [...]
...Bring the ocean into your bathroom, without the sand

Maine Lobster Love Bath Curtain

Looking to bring your love of seafood into your home? This Maine Lobster Love Bath Curtain will turn any bathroom into a shoreline resort, complete with seafood dinner. Just remember not to eat the [...]
...Its cold enough to make a moose drink

Mischievous Maine Merlot Moose

With the long Maine winters, even the Moose need some help warming up! This counter buddy will keep your wine, or Moxie, safe and sound, though you may have to share.