...So you'll never be without a spork again.

Emergency Keychain Utensil

This mutli-tool of the mouth has edges to open bottles, cans, and to act as a spork. Perfect for enjoying all kinds of Maine cuisine at home, at camp, or even on a lobster [...]
...To help you survive the walk into Mardens.

Tactical Winter Balaclava

This detachable tactical winter balaclava will keep both your face and your head warm in the wicked cold winds of winter, or look sufficiently ninja-like for all your ninja needs. Comes in red, brown, [...]
...to survive a zombie apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Zombie survival kit
Don’t be caught unprepared when the walkers come calling – gear up with this handy Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit from Gerber. Includes 3 machetes, 3 knives, and an axe, all in a canvas carrying [...]
...to take a seat when there isn't one

Foldable Travel Pocket Chair

foldable portable chair
Keep your keister up off the ground with this nifty portable travel seat. It’s roughly the size of a soda can, but telescopes out to hold up to 220 pounds of hiney when you [...]
...to let my daughter date

Ghost Ghillie Suit

Ghillie Suit
Eventually you will need to let your daughter out of your sight on a date, but to start you can just stay out of her’s – with a Ghillie suit! Channel your own inner [...]
...to survive when I get lost

Tactical Survival Bracelet

Tactical Survival Bracelet
Fashion don’t mean squat if you’re lost in the woods. But this wearable survival kit has the tools you need to make it back to camp safely, including a compass, fire starter, emergency knife, [...]
...for when the grocery stores are empty

Vegetable Seed Survival Garden

survival seeds
Don’t find yourself eating Alpo when food gets scarce – be ready with your own vegetable garden! This handy pack of heirloom seeds will allow you to plant over an acre of renewable food [...]
...to drink from a puddle

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Life Straw
Never be caught without clean drinking water again! This portable miracle allows you to suck up to 1000 liters of bog water without wrecking your intestines.