...So you and your pet can climb Cadillac Mountain.

Pet Backseat Blanket

This backseat car blanket for your pet makes sure they have a comfortable place to rest their paws whether driving down the road or making the trek up to Fort Kent. It comes complete [...]
...To add magic to your winter tubing adventures.

Unicorn Snowsled

Sled in style with this inflatable unicorn inner tube. Sure they’re not a native Maine animal, but we’re pretty sure that Unicorns would love Vacationland if they got the chance to visit.
...So fido can camp in style.

Personal Pet Tent

If you and your family are getting ready for a trip into the Maine wilderness, don’t leave out man’s best friend! This compact pet tent lets fido have their own sleeping space, and saves [...]
...Give yourself a neighbor that's actually next door.

Old Man Tree Face

Give the outdoors a new friend with this Old Man Tree Face! Perfect for all kinds of trees or telephone poles, with the added benefit of giving back roads and front yards a bit [...]
...Time to finally win at checkers.

Checkerboard Camping Table

This checkerboard camping table is a perfect distraction for down time during any camping trip, or for a good-natured rematch next to the backyard fire pit. With an easy fold-up design and storage space [...]
...To help you survive the walk into Mardens.

Tactical Winter Balaclava

This detachable tactical winter balaclava will keep both your face and your head warm in the wicked cold winds of winter, or look sufficiently ninja-like for all your ninja needs. Comes in red, brown, [...]
...Bring your best friend on all your adventures.

Pet Water Bottle Drink Tray

Make sure that your pet stays happy and hydrated on all your Maine adventures with this Pet Water Bottle Drink Tray. With an easy fold-up storage feature, you can stick this handy tool in [...]
...to take a seat when there isn't one

Foldable Travel Pocket Chair

foldable portable chair
Keep your keister up off the ground with this nifty portable travel seat. It’s roughly the size of a soda can, but telescopes out to hold up to 220 pounds of hiney when you [...]
...to get some sleep during menopause

BedJet Climate Control

BedJet bed climate control
Dealing with night sweats? Can’t get warm at night? Whether you are too hot or too cold in the rack, the BedJet is the answer. This ingenious little unit can keep you at the [...]
...to survive when I get lost

Tactical Survival Bracelet

Tactical Survival Bracelet
Fashion don’t mean squat if you’re lost in the woods. But this wearable survival kit has the tools you need to make it back to camp safely, including a compass, fire starter, emergency knife, [...]